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Who is the Flare or the Id?
For those who have wondered who I am I have decided to give you a small insight on who I am.

My name is Emmanuel (never ask for my full name unless it is on a 'note' I will most likly still decline, if I write my full name it will be a note and only if I feel I should)

The name 'Final' 'Flare' and 'Id' all come from different things and actually have a representation of their own

The word Final comes from Final Fantasy as I enjoy the Final Fantasy series very much although not very game series second to another.

The word Flare also comes from Final Fantasy and is usually the penultimate spell in the game. Recently has been opt out for either some thing new or nothing at all

Word Id comes from Sigmund Freud's "The Id, The Ego & the Super-Ego" I became quite interested in the human mind through my ventures in the game "Xenogears" where the entire game revolves around religious principles as well as psychologically genius of the mind. One of the most important areas of the game revolves around a character who is an embodiment of the human Id born into life. To learn more about the Id or Id from Xenogears here are two links

Xenogears Id:
Sigmund Freud's Theory:…
According to my research (lol if you got the joke) when one terminates their Account here or perhaps is banned DA leaves your artwork in tact for viewing pleasure. This can cause discrepancies over whom the art belongs to.

First if it is stolen then it should be removed immediately. If it is not then it should still not be up here anymore.

Why? Ownership rights. If we leave someone's art here even when their gone (officially not hiatus or forgetting) then anyone can take their artwork and claim as their own. It is difficult to determine whom the art belongs to when no one is there to claim it anymore. The artwork should not be on here and yet as my first Journal of Don't expresses that it is still visible and can still even be downloaded to your hard drive.

Validation again in case did not read part 1:

You can even search for the individual on Google and you'll find their artwork but you can not click on their account.

DA needs to fix this. When you leave everything should go with you. This also allows people to find you, when you're not trying to be found.

Thank You and take care of yourselves and stay tuned for Don't Part 4:

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